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Elton John : Biography

In 1975, 'Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy' (a somewhat autobiographic album) was released. 'Captain Fantastic' (for short) shown Elton's earlier enigmatic personality and in the album, both Bernie and Elton tell about their earlier days of struggling as songwriters and musicians in London and the surrounding environments. The booklet, accompanying the album, was filled with lyrics and a sense of place and time, something not common in Elton's music. The hit single from the album, 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight', commandeered an earlier turning point in Elton's life. During this time, Elton revamped his band which now featured Johnstone, Quaye, Roger Pope, Ray Cooper and bassist Kenny Passarelli. The next album, 'Rock Of The Westies' (released under the new band lineup) entered the Billboard 200 at #1, something that had not bee possible until 'Captain Fantastic'.

After teaming up with 'Kiki Dee' and recording the hit single 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart', (which went to number one in the charts), the majority of Elton's success would be attributed to his elaborate stage shows and his unusual wardrobe, which included ostrich feathers, a pair of spectacles (costing around $5,000.00) that spelled out his name in lights, a Statue of Liberty costume (to name a few) and the outrageous fact that he was willing to wear a Donald Duck costume or dress up as Mozart made his show successful and boosted interest in his music as well.

In 1976, Elton revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that he was bisexual, a revelation which may possibly have contributed to the drop in his popularity and the success of his career (not to mentioned exhaustion from his constant, traveling, performing and recording). After that year, Elton cut his performance schedule and retired from live performances in 1977 when he began recording just one album per year. Elton had effectively already proved his talent by the release and instant success of his previous seven albums and 15 singles including, 'Crocodile Rock', 'Daniel', 'Saturday Night's Alright For A Fight', 'Candle In The Wind', 'Bennie And The Jets', 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road', 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me', 'The Bitch Is Back', 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds', 'Philadelphia Freedom', 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight', 'Island Girl', 'Pinball Wizard', 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' (the duet with Kiki Dee), and 'Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word' - reaching (and or holding) the top two positions on the charts. During this time, Elton's relationship with Bernie Taupin became strained following the release of the double album, 'Blues Moves' and Bernie started working with other artists.




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