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Michael Jackson :

In late 1996, Jackson remarried to nurse Debbie Rowe; over the next two years, the couple had two children, a son Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and a daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson. However, Jackson and Rowe divorced in late 1999. In 2001, Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and later held a massive concert at Madison Square Garden to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his first solo record. Among the guests, the show featured the first on-stage reunion of the Jacksons since the Victory tour.

In the wake of September 11, Jackson put together an all-star charity benefit single, "What More Can I Give." His new album, Invincible, was released late in the year, marking the first time he'd issued a collection of entirely new material since Dangerous; it found him working heavily with urban soul production wizard Rodney Jerkins. Invincible debuted at number one and quickly went double-platinum; however, its initial singles, "You Rock My World" and "Butterflies," had rather disappointing showings on the charts, with the latter not even reaching the Top Ten. To compound matters, the expensive "What More Can I Give" single and video were cancelled by Sony after executive producer Marc Schaffel was revealed to work in pornography.

From that point, Jackson's career took an extreme turn towards the bizarre, starting with MTV's annual Video Awards. When Britney Spears presented him with a birthday cake, an offhand remark about being the artist of the millennium inspired a rambling Jackson to accept a meaningless trophy (which everyone presenting onstage received) as an actual Artist of the Millennium award.





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