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John Denver :

If I were to start telling you about someone named Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr., I would bet the majority of the public wouldn't know who I was talking about but, start talking about John Denver and it's a totally different thing. John Denver

John Dever was born 31st of December in Roswell, New Mexico as Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. to rma Louise Swope and Henry John Deutschendorf, Sr. Mr. Deuthschendorft, Denver's father was an Air Force officer and Flight instructor. John spent the early part of his childhood moving from town to town Denver was reared a Presbyterian, but later converted to Lutheranism. He often said, however, that he shared many beliefs with Zen Buddhists and felt he had a connection with the indigenous people of North America.

At the age of 12, he received a 1910 Gibson f-hole acoustic jazz guitar from his grandmother through practice he was able to perform at local clubs by the time he was in college. After he was told that 'Deutschendorf' wouldn't fit on a poster he adopted the stage name, Denver. He dropped out of college in 1964, and moved to Los Angeles, California where he sang in the underground folk clubs in L.A. In 1965 he joined the Chad Mitchell Trio, a folk group later renamed "The Mitchell Trio" and later "Denver, Boise, and Johnson".




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