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John Denver :

Denver had a distinctive and trend-setting 'western' image with denim jacket, jeans and cowboy boots. He was known for the catch phrase "Far out!" which punctuated his conversation, his happy, positive image, and his western accent John Denvermade him a well known figure. As his interests began to go beyond just his music, Denver became outspoken in politics. In 1976, he campaigned for Jimmy Carter, who became a close friend. Denver was a supporter of the Democratic Party, and a number of charitable causes for the environment, the homeless, the poor, the African AIDS crisis, and hunger. He founded the charitable Windstar Foundation in 1976 to promote sustainable living.

After divorce from Annie in 1982, he later married Australian actress and singer Cassandra Delaney in 1988. They had a daughter named Jesse Belle, after Denver had medical treatment for his infertility.




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