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Rod Stewart :

Rod Stewart, whose full name is Roderick David Stewart was born in Hightgate, London on 10 Jan, 1945. Rod who was Robert and Elsie Stewart's fifth child (and youngest at the time) . Rod's parents owned a newsagent's shop in North London and they lived above it. Only minutes before Rod came into the world, the police station down the street was hit by a German V-2 bomb and exploded.

Rod, who is most familiar with the slightly raspy and hoarse voice is an English born singer and songwriter of Scottish descent. Rod is a one of a kind and has his own singing style that does not 'quiet' fit in with any other. His huge hit, and signature song, 'Maggie May' can stand as evidence of my former comment.

Although Rod has been on the music scene for almost fifty years now, he started out as an apprentice footballer with Brentwood F.C, which was based in West London. Not to worry, Rod switched to his musical career joining (not a rock band but) a folk singer by the name of Wizz Jones in the early 60's as a street singer traveling around Europe which resulted in his being deported from Spain for vagrancy! And if you thought that was strange, poor Rod even worked as a gravedigger during this same time frame! (It's a wonder he never wrote a song about it - wonder if it would have been 'diggin up bones'?)

When Rod got back to mother England, his next stop was in Birmingham where he joined up with Jimmy Powell and the Fifth Dimensions as a vocalist and blues harp player. With Jimmy and the 5th D, they recorded a single for Pye Records. It is believed or so commonly purported that Rod played the blues harp for 'My Boy Lollipop', by Millie Small's which enjoyed a huge success back in 1964, however this can not be confirmed so it may just be rumour.

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