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Rod Stewart :

After Rod's Aussie gig he joined Jeff Beck Group, once again as vocalist. In 1968, 'Truth' their first album became a hit on both sides of the pond and they group toured extensively. Their second album Beck-ola was another hit in the middle of 1969 but by the end of the year, sadly, they would disband. Although this might have been a slight set-back for Rod, much of his sense of phrasing was believed to have developed during his time with Jeff Beck Group. It seems that most of the bands were short-lived when Rod joined them - could this have been due to his increasing popularity?

Cactus, a US band were prepared to offer Rod a job as lead singer but he made the decision not to take it and instead joined up with Ron Wood ( also had been in the Jeff Beck Group as bass player.) and The Faces (which originally start out as 'The Small Faces' until Steve Marriot left them).

Rod signed a solo recording contract and in 1969 released his first solo album, ' An Old Raincoat Won't Let You Down', became a huge success and was known as ' The Rod Stewart Album in the US'. This album reflected all of Rod's individual talents and heartfelt mixture of folk, rock, and country blues.

In early 1970, 'First Step', The Faces debut album was released. 'First Step' had the familiar style of the time similar to The Rolling Stones. Discouragingly the album did better much better in the UK than the US. During this time, Rod released his second album, 'Gasoline Alley', ( Martin Quittenton, lead guitarist supplying mandolin) and launched a solo tour.