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Rod Stewart :

By 1972, during their extensive tour, The Faces were starting to be overshadowed by Rod's success with his solo career, with 'Never A Dull Moment' being released the same year, reaching number 2 on the US album charts and number 1 in the UK. Other hits from this same album include, 'You Wear It Well', which reached number 13 in the US and went straight to the top position in the UK, and 'Twisting The Night Away', formerly recorded by Sam Cooke.

I'Ooh La La', The Faces' final album reached No. 1 in the UK and No. 21 in 1973. They Faces went on their final tour in 1974 to support Ooh La La and the single "Pool Hall Richard". Faces officially parted in 1975 when Ron Wood joined The Rolling Stones as their guitar player and Rod, chasing his own rainbows.

As with all sunshine, a little rain must fall and so, in late 1974 when Rod released 'Smiler' the album proved an absolute flop. Although in Britain, reached number 1, and 'Farewell' number 7, it only made it to number 13, on the Billboard pop album charts and the single "Mine For Me" only No. 91 on the Billboard pop singles charts. Understandably, Smiler is referred to Rod's less successful albums of the seventies.

Rod applied for citizenship and moved to the US In 1975, due to his love affair with Britt Ekland and a fight with the Inland Revenue Services (the UK version of the IRS in the States). With producer Tom Dowd, Rod the 'Atlantic Crossing' and a different sound was born based on the Muscle Shoals rhythm section. 'Atlantic Crossing' put Rod back on track again and in the top 10 of the Billboard album charts. 'Sailing', the first single was a instant number 1 in the UK while only making it to the top 60 in the US charts. 'Sailing' made another round on the UK top ten a year later when used as the theme music for a BBC documentary series about HMS Ark Royal. Since it had been a hit twice already, it now remains as Rod's biggest-selling single in the UK. Holland-Dozier-Holland cover "This Old Heart of Mine" was also a top 100 hit in 1976. Musically, 'Atlantic Crossing' proved Rod was, without doubt, distinguishing his more mellow style with material such as Danny Whitten's "I Don't Want To Talk About It".