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Rod Stewart :

During this time, Rod had unintentionally developed a slightly 'gray' reputation for his seductive songs, actions and apparel. When interviewed by the various forms of media, Rod admitted that his 'look' might come across as , 'tarty', but defended his lyrics by pointing out that the song is in a third-person narrative and a slice-of-life portrayal, not entirely forgein to earlier work, and that the lyrics were not about him. Whatever the case may be, a suite followed because the song's refrain was dangerously close to Brazilian Jorge Ben Jor's earlier "Taj Mahal". As a result, Rod donated all his royalties from the song to UNICEF, which could have been viewed as either and act of good will or a way to save face - not that it makes any difference to the empty bellies it helped to fill and the homeless who now stand under a roof.

By 1981, Rod was getting on the band wagon with all the other 'New Wave' and 'synthetic pop' by changing his sound, I suppose getting ready for another new album, 'Tonight I'm Yours'. The title of the album as well as 'Young Turks' both made it to the top five of the Billboard charts with the ending result - another platinum album for him. Afterward, for what ever reason, Rod's career the bottom fell out as he only had 3 top 10 singles between 1982 and 1988. In 1983, the 'Camouflage' album went gold in the UK. Rod reunited with Jeff Beck and managed to produce a success with Curtis Mayfield's 'People Get Ready', however, when they tried a tour together things went sour after only a short while.

1988 marked Rod's return to the top with Duran Duran's 'Out Of Order' produced by Andy Taylor, (which I think would be safe to assume did not play with Don Knotts on the famous 'Andy Griffith Show') and Bernard Edwards of Chic. "Forever Young" and "Lost in You" from that album were both Billboard Hot 100 hits as well as mainstream rock charts. Since 'Forever Young' was a comatose revision of Bob Dylan's song of the same name they diplomatically agreed to share the royalties.