Comparing the Java Lake Applets

Reflections on the Dorian GrayII, the David Griffiths lake and the AnLake Java applets
There are three different Lake applets that I know of - each producing slightly different effects:
An autumn scene in Ontario

An autumn scene in Ontario

The David Griffiths Lake applet
The Dorian Gray II applet
The Anfy Lake applet by Fabio Ciucci

Let's start with this image, and see what each of the lake applets can do to it, in turn.




Tree source
This image is produced using the Dorian GrayII applet. The original picture was split into the trees and the lake reflection (water). The trees were used as the image before the applet and the water reflection, inverted, was used in the applet. The result is a smooth lake with a soft reflection, truer to the original image. 

For some reason, if you look closely, there's a glitch at the left hand side where the water meets the shore. Again we could not get rid of this.

Autumn Reflection This image is produced using the David Griffiths lake applet. The original image was cropped at the shoreline and the trees section was used in the applet. As you can see, the result is a very glassy reflection. We did try to reflect the inverted lake reflection as in the example on the left, and then overlay the image with a transparent gif of the trees. No matter how much we manipulated the image, we just could not get it to work. Anyone got any ideas on this? See tutorial on this applet

Autumn Reflection

This image is produced using the David Griffiths lake applet and uses the Horizon parameter. The original image was not cropped but instead the horizon was set at the shoreline . As you can see, the result is a much more realistic reflection. See tutorial on this applet

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. 

This example uses the AnLake applet by Fabio Ciucci. Like the first David Griffiths applet, it produces a very glassy lake surface. We were able to fine tune the waves, but, The size of the applet is fixed at either twice or one and one half times the size of the original image. For this reason, this image is slightly smaller than the other two. Had we wanted a swan swimming about on the lake, however, this is the only applet that could do it.


JayDax gives full credit to the authors of the David Griffiths Lake applet, the Anfy Java AnLake applet, the Dorian Gray II applet and the Alcsnow applet.  The snow scene image was taken from K.L. Designs. Construction, text, and other graphics were by JayDax.

David Griffiths Lake Applet        Fabio's Anlake applet         Dorian GrayII applet Alcsnow applet       K.L. Designs

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