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  1. A free subscription to spam e-mail. Simply enter your e-mail address in the box below to receive hundreds of daily spam e-mails.
  2. A 30% discount on an overpriced holiday for two
  3. A real diamond necklace featuring a 0.0001 carat diamond chip glued in a copper chain semi-plated with real gold. (Please send postage and packing of £8.50)
  4. A free box of genuine English air (Note the products were intact at the time of shipping but may be somewhat affected by diffusion if shipped to countries other than England).
  5. An offer from a gentleman in Nigeria to make you very rich.
  6. The chance to purchase pirated software at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. (Note - the use of this software may render you liable to prosecution in some countries)
  7. The opportunity to purchase a degree from a non accredited university at approximately 500,000% of it's real worth.
  8. The opportunity to purchase at a reduced price fake Viagra and at the same time have your credit card details stolen.

Impressed with these wonderful prizes? Simply enter your e-mail address in the box below (if you are stupid enough) and we probably will not let you know which prize you have won.

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Terms and conditions (of which we are very proud)

The rest of this page is devoted to those wonderful people who didn't read the above terms and conditions and scanned this page looking for e-mail addresses to send spam messages to.

Warning! Send no mail to: plesespmme@jaydax.co.uk or louoafearoy@jaydax.co.uk these addresses are spam traps.

The following 'nice people' have agreed to their names, e-mail addresses and other details being published on this page so that other 'nice people' can send these spammers a little of their own medicine. Maybe they might also like to see what anagrams you can make from 'louoafearoy' (here's a clue it starts with 'You' and ends with 'fool') and think before sending e-mail to plesespmme@jaydax.co.uk. All the e-mail addresses below have been made nice and easy for e-mail harvesting programs to find so they should start getting lots of nice spam soon.

Edward Osei - edwardosei@epatra.com; edwardosei@zwallet.com Claims to need my help in transferring $10,000,000 from South Africa
Dr. Kenneth Johnson kennjohn204_12@indiatimes.com; kennjohn204_12@handbag.com; kenneth_677@yahoo.com Wants to split $25,000,000 with me by stealing it from a bank account he claims to be the manager of.
MR. JOSE DALLARS (Who is dumb enough to have lost his Caps Lock key) dallarsjose@yahoo.es
Sent me an e-mail telling me I had won €500,500.00 in a lottery I don't seem to remember entering. Naturally I don't want it - I'm rich enough. So if anyone else out there would be dumb enough would like to claim it. Send him an e-mail quoting TICKET NO: 00-1218-90 SERIAL NO:134734, REF: LP/26510460037/02 BATCH: 24/00319/IPD (What do you mean 'your unique reference number' is the same as mine!)

Appears to be the billing address of sites which have tried to sell me a number of unwanted products - http://www. find-ph.info and www.good4her.info. Currently it's owner, Il Jung (The North vietnamese president?), is under the illusion that I need medical help! He has php sites which are difficult to track down so if any hackers out there are annoyed by spam - take a look at them (IP and regard them as a challenge.

Peter Benedetto, govard@doramail.com Is the person registered as the administrator of www.streamsoft.info and www.bizlist4u.info who have been sending me spam offering software at low prices which Microsoft find VERY interesting! Want to give him a call on +5.062777632 or maybe fax him information about spam at the same number?
Adam Brancusi jammacity@consultant.com Is the person responsible for www.mr36.info who also think I need medical help and feel the need to slow down my Internet connection by e-mailing six times in a single day to a spammer trap. Hey - maybe he would like some very long faxes about spam? His fax number (in Roumania?) is +4.0268410223

Jeff Smart Sexygeorge6969@hotmail.com

(Personally I never trust a company with a hotmail web address!)

Is the person responsible for www.iabewrdf.info and www.jzkfbaef.info (Canadian Pharmacy) who also thinks I need medical help and who claims to live at 1005 West 52nd St., New York. 10019. Call him up on +1.7145738593 or fax him on the same number. Strange how he does not give any address or phone numbers on the website which claims to have a 'Goldstar web award' Huh?

Angelica Saldana topwinmaxcorpdk@winmaxcorp.com

  • This email is sent from the computer identified on the Internet by (or ws13.ipowerweb.com).
  • The sender used The Bat! (v2.00.3) Personal to send the e-mail.
  • The sender claims to be Angelica Saldana at address topwinmaxcorpdk@winmaxcorp.com, but this is very easily forged and as such not necessarily reliable.
  • This email shows that it has been passed to the email server identified on the Internet by USER-8D18E45B71. That server no longer exists, so either it has since been taken down, or the sender was attempting to hide their true location.

In other words this is a spam which attempts to get you to go to www.nuref.net


Suggests I take advantage of a slimming pill called Anatrim which I can purchase from a site www.nuref.net at $74.95 for a one month supply. The site invites you to send your credit card and other details but does not seem to have heard of security since they use http rather than https. I don't seem to be able to find an address, phone number or e-mail address on the site either. Never mind - if you want to contact them the site is registered to

liu fei (According to some, a well known sender of spam, Bob Solomon, uses this name)
nan chang
nan chang Jiangxi 321000
tel: 86 0791 3219992
fax: 86 0791 3219992

Now considering that you are sending your money to China and the active ingredient of Antrim comes from a very scarse plant grown in the deserts of South Africa

El Gordo Megatrustconsultant@consultant.com


Is yet another incredibly stupid person who sends e-mail to an address starting 'plesespmme@...' No problen 'El Gordo. Lots of us who hate spam will be delighted to flood your e-mail address with spam and maybe your e-mail harvesting program will pick up your own address and allow you to spam yourself too :)

By the way I suggest you take your lottery claim...
This is to inform you of the release of the EL-GORDO DE LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY held on the 18TH NOVEMBER 2004, and results were released on the 23RD NOVEMBER 2004.
Your email addres was attached to ticket number
085-12876077-09 with serial number 51390-0 that drew the lucky numbers of 03-05-12-14-28-38, which consequently won the lottery in the 1st category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of 1.600.000.00 Euros ( ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS )in cash credited to file with REF: N.EGS/3662367114/13.This is from a total cash prize of Euros 48,000,000.00 shared among the thirty international winners in this category.

and shove it where the sun does not shine.


Employs people to promote meds at www.stbgefsed.info. Take some good advice - if you need medication - go see a doctor and buy your meds from a regular pharmacy who won't rip you off by selling an imitation product. Stll - if you want to send your money to:

Registrant Name:Nguyen 1 Quang Huy
Registrant Organization:vietnamcode.com
Registrant Street1:31 Nui Truc Registrant Street2:Ba Dinh Registrant City:Ha Noi Registrant State/Province:HN Registrant Postal Code:08404
Registrant Country:Vietnam
Registrant Phone:+84.904183393
Registrant Phone Ext.:04
Registrant Email:athingvn@yahoo.com

maybe you should try them

Stefan Procopiu shteffy@myself.com

Is an astonishing person - especially since he's sending out spam after being dead for over 30 years! (If you don't know, he was a Romanian scientist)

sends out spam promoting a site astonishingly like Il Jung's above. It offers the 'alternative to Viagra' You just send him $5.00 and he'll ship it to you anywhere in the world. Honest he will. He does... Doesn't he?

Registrant Name:Stefan Procopiu
Registrant Organization:A&M International S.A.
Registrant Street1:16, Constantin Tanase St. Registrant City:Bucuresti Registrant State/Province:na
Registrant Postal Code:RO-73299
Registrant Country:RO
Registrant Phone:+4.011607774
Registrant FAX:+4.011607774
Registrant Email:shteffy@myself.com

2nd entry-
athingvn@yahoo.com must have got fat on the money he's making sending out spam. This is probably why he's now selling fat reducing drugs

Hey Yahoo - Why is this spammer's e-mail account still active?

Got a problem with your weight? Well you could try eating less and taking more exercise. Alternatively if you want to make you wallet lighter and lose weight that way you might contact this guy.

Registrant Name:Nguyen 1 Quang Huy
Registrant Organization:vietnamcode.com
Registrant Street1:31 Nui Truc
Registrant Street2:Ba Dinh
Registrant City:Ha Noi
Registrant State/Province:HN
Registrant Postal Code:08404
Registrant Country:VN
Registrant Phone:+84.904183393
Registrant Phone Ext.:04
Registrant Email:athingvn@yahoo.com

Andrew Banks who also goes by the name Luis Condado (I thought he was Mayor of Guadalajara) luiscondado020@yahoo.com thinks we pay too much interest. I agree- I'm not at all interested in his spam.

Has been sending me spam trying to get me to refinance my mortgage. Somehow I don't think he'll have much luck since I don't have one. Maybe he's not having much luck since he's trying to sell his domain at your-financial.com which by a strange coincidence is on a server 'mortgage-fix.com' Anyway his address is:
Hidalgo 21
city: San Felipe del Agua
state: Oaxaca
postal-code: 68020
country: MX
Clive Redfern lemontree@bigstring.com

Is the person responsible for joy-cd.info and leaderpack.info which are promoted by spammers who want to sell cheap software
Organization:Techship Corp.
Registrant Street1:73, boulevard de la Reine
Registrant City:VERSAILLES
Registrant State/Province:na
Registrant Postal Code:78000
Registrant Country:FR
Registrant Phone:+0.139506113
Registrant FAX:+0.139506113
Registrant Email:lemontree@bigstring.com

Ruslan Yavorenko ruslanyavorenko@digiverse.net

Controls yet another meds site promoted by spam. lavnfjefs.info Can't be doing too well since he's trying to sell the domain. If you want to buy drugs from him in Russia then...

Registrant Name:Ruslan Yavorenko
Registrant Organization:None
Registrant Street1:5039 Shevchenkovskaya Uliza
Registrant City:Leningrad
Registrant State/Province:Russia
Registrant Postal Code:1210
Registrant Country:RU
Registrant Phone:+7.04438259387
Registrant Email:ruslanyavorenko@digiverse.net

Peter Benedetto govard@doramail.com

Promotes techsol.info using spam senders. This is a software company offering 85% off Microsoft and Adobe software. You send the money to him in Columbia and I'm sure he will send you legit Microsoft and Adobe software. Bet your company will really be pleased!

Peter Benedetto
Registrant Organization:SA Solutions Limited
Registrant Street1:P.O. Box 10119-1000 Del semaforo del cruce de la Valencia
Registrant City:San Jose
Registrant Postal Code:18412
Registrant Country:CO
Registrant Phone:+5.062777632
Registrant FAX:+5.062777632
Registrant Email:govard@doramail.com

Alexander I. Ovod (alex@nik.ru) seems to alow e-mail to be sent out as Wilbert Selwyn, yet another who wants to sell cheap software and seems to think it's ok to promote it by using spam. He runs the web host of vitriolware.com (doesn't that name tell you anything?)

Alexander I. Ovod
address: Nik.Ru LTD
address: Russia,Moscow,
address: pr. Vernadskogo 37
phone: +7 095 7553376
fax-no: +7 095 7553378
e-mail: alex@nik.ru
nic-hdl: AIO1-RIPE
mnt-by: NIK-MNT
source: RIPE Filtered

Simon (Alias Brian Kramer) [info@awebworld.net] sends out spam offering to 'cut your electricity bill by up to 40'. (Obviously does not know how to get a % sign). He also sends mail as Dawn offering to make you $1,200 per week. If you actually read his e-mail you'll find it's really an advert for webmasters to purchase a spam list. I suspect it's the one used to send e-mail to plesespmme@jaydax.co.uk so using it will get you on this page too! If you follow the links in his spam you'll end up at http://www.emarketingblitz.com/ who also seem to own awebworld.net. This firm claims to be a leading web design firm in Chicago but personally I have my doubts about any firm encouraging spam. (and their web site sucks too). I for one, did not 'opt in' for his e-mails - I make a point of not downloading images or clicking links. Now correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't that mean he has broken the US/Can anti spam laws?

Administrative Contact:
Expedite Media Group
Expedite Media Group
245 West Roosevelt Rd
West Chicago
abuse@expeditemg.com and info@expeditemediagroup.com
Fax- +1.6308768146

Other info about Kramer here including information about how virus infected PCs are used to send spam.

Gottlieb [marsh@yahoo.com] in Switzerland sends out spam offering cheap software. Herman [also marsh@yahoo.com] is selling Viagra. All links point at http://gustavuscb.info which was registered by someone claiming to be Jeff Westbury. If you try to enter the site without submitting valid affiliate details you just get an invitation to enter your e-mail address and an unsubscribe button. (I'm certainly not going to confirm my address to a spammer!). His site was registered on the 8th July and I started receiving spam pointing at it on 9th July from 'affiliates'. My word Jeff - that must be the quickest ever affiliate program! Neither Jeff, his 'affiliates' nor anyone else have ever been given permission to send spam to plesespmme@jaydax.co.uk (not a corporation Jeff) and have clearly broken the UK anti-spam law which came into force on 11th Dec 2003 and which carries a £5,000 penalty. Still - with an address in Soho, Jeff can probably afford lots of these fines.

Created On:08-Jul-2005 11:21:30 UTC
Last Updated On:08-Jul-2005 11:22:37 UTC
Registrant Name:Jeff Westbury
Registrant Street1:77 Beak Street, #118
Registrant City:London
Registrant State/Province:GB
Registrant Postal Code:W1F 9DB
Registrant Country:GB
Registrant Phone:+1.3473285225
Registrant Email:jeffwestbury@pookmail.com

International Legal medications is one of those irritating sites which advertise Viagra and the like by having spam e-mails sent out. It claims to be a member of the Better Business Bureau but according to the BBB it is NOT a member, has an unsatisfactory report and their address is untraceable. The BBB has a total of 26 complaints made against this company in the last three years. So if you want drugs of any kind - DON'T GO HERE!


Contact Information: The following details refer to a name registered for this address.

  Bracken Shirley (adnnn4a@yahoo.com) 102 Pinewoods Cres Middle Island New York,11953 US Tel. +001.6316964728

The domain was registered with www.spiritdomains.com

According to McAffee Site advisor it may be linked to Alex Polyakov (Worlds No.1 spammer)

'Paula James' (info@verybestonthenets.net) sends out spam giving idiots the chance to kill themselves at a reduced price. Yes - you'r right. It's a site offering cheap tobacco. naturally Paula - or Max is dumb enough to send spam to this spam trap page and wants you to add his e-mails to spammer's lists so that he can get more spam him/her self


Administrative Contact:
Max Diamond admin@verybestonthenets.net
Webworld S.L.
Edificio Jupiter, Avendida El Gamonal 12
Benalmadena Costa, Malaga 29630 Spain
Phone: 006638428346
Technical Contact:
Max Diamond admin@verybestonthenets.net
Webworld S.L.
Edificio Jupiter, Avendida El Gamonal 12
Benalmadena Costa, Malaga 29630 Spain
Phone: 006638428346

...and finally

We all know spammers just love collecting e-mail addresses from wb pages so here is their dream come true. Links to 76,925 e-mail addresses to help them fill up their spamming lists. All but one of these are useless to spammers. (The one genuine e-mail address is just to check if they are picked up)

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