Instruction book for the Northumbrian Small-Pipes 2nd edition - A 12 MB pdf file of a 1931 booklet produced by the Northumbrian Piper's society. Because of it's size you may like to right click the link and download the file to your computer by choosing 'Save target as...'

The Northumbrian Bag-Pipes - a 12 MB pdf file of a 1930 booklet written by George V.E. Charlton and published as Archaeologica Aeliana 4th Series volume vii

A Bibliography of the Bag-Pipe- a 17MB pdf file of a booklet compiled in 1932 by Gilbert Askew and published by the Northumbrian Pipers Society. The handwritten notes in it are by the booklet's original owner W.D. Hedworth.

The Hexham Quadrille - a midi file. That's it playing in the background. My first ever attempt at reproducing the sound of the Northumbrian Small Pipes as a midi file. It sounds OK on my computer but on yours? Let me know. If you have trouble hearing it you can load the Haydon Bridge panorama page where it will auto-start. To download it to your computer right click the Hexham Quadrille link and choose 'Save target as...'

Come you not from Newcastle - another (very short) Northumbrian Pipe midi file.

Bagpipe Cartoons Cartoons collected by W.D. Hedworth

Northumbrian Pipe Clippings Newspaper clippings collected by W.D. Hedworth

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