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Animated Gifs Construction

Animated graphics are time consuming to produce. If you require an original, animated graphic, we will construct a simple one, of up to 15 frames, for 44.00 ($84.00 US).


Flexible circuit  Running shower  Running faucet


A smooth running animation, of one second duration, takes at least 12 frames.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements and point out advantages and disadvantages of animated graphics.

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Custom Graphics

Custom graphics can include any of the following:
A photograph, a header (graphic created for the heading of your page), different effects on text such as embossing, drop shadows, glass, gold etc. A comprehensive menu used with image maps or bordered background. A photograph re-touched or modified with special effects including, feathering, outlines, vignette, misting and numerous other effects. Price depends on the time to construct the graphic.


Paint Jar Rainbow Text Product Box
Active Button Drop Shadow Text Image Map
Custom Logo Photo Retouch Vignette
Embossing Gold Cut Out
Image Branding Glass Text Pencil


Cost from 14.00 ($27.00 US) to 102.00 ($195.00 US )each
Ordinary graphics range from 14.00 ($27.00 US) to 49.00 ($94.00 US)
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Backgrounds - Buttons - Bullets - Horizontal Lines

Custom backgrounds - Depending on the type of background you need can run from 5.25 ($10.00 US) - 14.00 ($27.00 US)
Buttons - Depending on the type you need can run from 5.25 ($10.00 US) each or a set of  five for 10.50 ($20.00 US).
Standard, one colour bullets are 3.50 ($7.00 US) each or a set of four for5.25 ($10.00 US).

Horizontal lines are 3.50 ($7.00 US) each.


Eagle background Blueblack Night in the forest
Chat German Shorthair German Shorthaired border
Stars Green stars Musical staff
Midi Blue snowflake Brown clouds
Canadian maple Embossed rose Rose and golden threads
Snowflake   Yellow tetris

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Includes the following:

1 customized background, 1 horizontal line (used as many times on the page as you choose), 1 bullet - (used as many times on the page as you choose), 1 header graphic, set of  7 customized buttons, (your choice of topics) - 24.50 ($47.00 US)
(Unique themes - price on application)

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Banners - Depending on size requirements can run from 38.50 ($73.00 US) to 189.00 ($360.00 US) (normally max size for advert are 7 - 9k in size)


Horizontal Scrolling Text Vertical Scrolling Text Zooming Text
Fading Text Blinds Exploding Text
Moving Graphic Moving Animated Graphic Morphing

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About Our Prices

Prices are as of August 2006

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