The JayDax Java Tornado
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For those of you who don't live in the plains of North America, a tornado is a swirling mass of air, produced from thunder clouds, where wind speeds may vary from 40 - 300 miles per hour. However, tornadoes with speeds over 280 miles per hour are, fortunately,  not common.  Tornado strength is rated on the Fujita Scale with F0 being the weakest and F5 the strongest. However, on a very rare occasion an F6 could occur.

The effect on this page was produced by an applet written byFabio Ciucci.

Tornado Links
National Severe Storms Laboratory
Tornado Online - University of Illinois
Tornado Online Project
  Tornadoes (National Geographic)

My thanks to Grade 9 Skyview Hunior High School for the last two links

The midi you are listening to, 'Twister', is from the movie, Twister and is available on VHS and DVD.