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John Chapman's Guide to Creativerse


How to start 4 - Starting Crafting

Before you do anything else place your touchstone down in your new home. Once you've done that, if you get killed (and you will) you will reappear on your touchstone. You'll lose anything in your inventory (but can recover those items). Items in your quickbar won't be lost.

Select the touchstone in your quick bar. Decide where you want to put it and right click there.


A wooden mining cell will mine earth and stone and gather wood and other items but it's slow and doesn't last long. We need something better - a stone mining cell. This will allow us to mine bedrock and limestone and it works much faster. To make it though we need wood slabs, flowers and coal. We can gather the flowers but need to make the slabs and extract the coal from where it's found.

Press Q to go to 'Crafting' and create a processor. Better still make two.


Place your processors out of the way in a corner.


Once you've placed them right click one and from the 'Processable' list select 'stone' (No stone yet? Try this). Make some stone slabs and some stone rods.

Sone slabs and rods

Do the same in the other processor for wood slabs and rods. You can also hover over the other processable items to see what they can make.

Wood slabs and rods

Once your processors have finished right click and collect the items.

Now press Q and make:

While you are there find out what you need to make these items. On second thoughts - I'll save you the bother:


As you can see we are going to need some new resources:

Process some more slabs then press E to go into your inventory and do some reorganizing. You can drag items back and forth between the inventory and the quickbar. Put your wood sword in location 2. You can then quickly change between sword and mining cell by pressing Tab. I put extraction cells in '=' and torches in '-'.


Let's go look for some beeswax first. Remove the leaves from the door and start looking in the trees.


Here's some but it's too high to reach. We will have to get nearer.

Under the beeswax put a block of dirt, grass or leaves and then jump on top of it using w and the space-bar together.

Jump on a block

Now look down at the block you are standing on, with a block selected in the quickbar press the space-bar and quickly right click to jump and place another block. Do that again until you are high enough to reach the beeswax. Be careful not to go too high or you might get knocked off your perch by leaves. That could kill you.

Jump and place another block

Beeswax 2

Get the beeswax. If you see any flowers up there, get them too. Get down by pointing at the column you are standing on and left clicking to dig it away.

What if I fall off? You can fall six blocks without problems. Any higher and you'll lose health. You'll hear an 'oomph' as you land. Above 25 blocks and you may kill yourself - certain in an unprotected fall of 27 blocks. Unprotected? Armour will allow you to fall from a higher point. It will take the damage. If you fall in water you'll be fine as long as you remember to swim (press the space bar to stay afloat).

If you do kill yourself or die through an animal attack, heat or cold then you'll find yourself back at your touchstone. If you look at your compass you'll find there's a death head on it. Head in that direction and you'll eventually find this where you died. It's visible from quite a distance due to it's white beacon.

When you get near you can right click it and get all the inventory items you lost, plus a death statue back. Death statues are not very useful at the moment so get rid of them if you are short of inventory space.

Death statue

Now that I have beeswax I can make a door and a wood chest make one of each and place them.

Door and Chest

I placed the chest on the wall well above the processor - that keeps it out of the way. To place it and the door, select them on the quickbar and right click where you want them. To open a door or chest right click them. To close a door move until it's highlighted in white and right click it.

Right click the chest and a window will open showing the contents of it (empty) and your inventory.

Empty Chest
Move as much as you can from your inventory and quick bar into the chest. Notice I got killed three times getting the death statue pictures. I don't need these death statues so I'll destroy them by dragging them to the bin where my wrist is.

Full chest

Did you notice that when you created the wood chest it became possible to make a stone chest? A stone chest needs 4 stone slabs, 1 stone rod, 2 wood slabs and 1 melted wax. We've got everything but the melted wax which we have to make in a forge. To make the forge we need some bedrock. To get bedrock we have to dig for it (or find it in a deep cave) AND extract it with a stone mining cell. To make that we need some coal. Lets go looking.

I was lucky. I found some on a rock outcrop. Usually you have to dig for it (we'll do that next for bedrock). Here's my coal.

Select the extractors made earlier on your quick bar and right clock the coal to extract it. Often you'll find more coal behind or under it.

Once you have the coal you can make a stone mining cell using the slabs, coal and flowers you've gathered. The stone mining cell works much faster.

You can also find coal in chests which appear at night. Watch out for attacking animals though.


To get the bedrock I need I dug a stepped passageway down from my 'home'. I found bedrock and also coal, fossils and limestone. Be careful to light your passageway well because you could run into a cave and fall or be killed by an animal.

Having found bedrock I made a forge and placed it.

Forge and passageway to get bedrock

I can now use the forge to make some melted wax. The forge needs something to process - beeswax and a fuel. I'm using leaves because it's easy to get them. I'll make only one batch since I've already got five from a chest.

Making melted wax

Make at least three stone chests and one lot of coal torches. Place the chests but keep the torches with you. You can now make a wood burning lamp which will probably be your main light source. You'll need glass though so we'll get the materials for it and the stone sword together. Empty your inventory into one of the chests since there is a good chance of being killed on the trip we are going to take. We are going to look for an ocean biome where we'll find sand and Rocksters It's a good idea to start early in the morning so do some mining while you wait and see if you can gather any coal or obsidian which looks similar but is much smoother, Both need extracting.

When you start your trip choose any direction but not towards mountains. Palm tree like trees are a good clue there is ocean nearby. Walk carrying your sword and if you are attacked - don't stop!

Palm trees

This is what we are looking for:

Ocean Biome

Rocksters are aggressive and hard to kill with a wooden sword. The best method is to get them between you and the sea then walk toward them to the sea hitting them as you go past. They will follow you but won't go into the sea. If you are in deep water use the space-bar to stay afloat. Continue to hit the rockster while you are in the water. If you get too close, a rockster will hit you.


If your health bar drops select a mushroom on your quickbar and right click to eat it. It will slowly refill. It takes four mushrooms to refill the health bar from almost empty. You may need to kill three rocksters because each gives you at least one rockster rock and you need three.

Get 99 blocks of sand and as many sea shells as you can find conveniently. You'll use them later.

Before you go home by double pressing T look at the compass. The orange cross indicates the direction of home. In the picture above it's north and two divisions east. From home to get here in the future you would travel south and two divisions west.

Back at 'home', tap T twice to get there, Use the forge to make some glass and a processor to make vines into twine. Then make a stone sword to replace the wooden one.

Glas, twine and stone sword

Now we can remove the leaves from our window and replace them with glass. We can also make some wood burning lamps.

window and wood burning lamps

Next step - fighting and making more weapons.

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