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Frequently Asked Questions :

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1. Most of our information is taken from the BBC Radio 1 charts and other UK sources.
2. We update our charts weekly - usually on Sundays.
3. Yes we do - it's called 'Verses' and you can subscribe here.
4. A music download is either a complete album or single track which you download to your computer or device and play whenever you want to.
5. Only if you want to. What we ask is that you choose a nickname, password, and give us your country of orgin. You do have the option of giving your e-mail address but it is not required to use the forum. Sign up here.
6. Please, by all means send us an e-mail with the url and tell us what the mistake is - we'll sort it as soon as possible - we hate mistakes!
7. Sorry - no we don't - it's just for fun.
8. Of course you can.
9. By all means send us a request and will take it under consideration.
10. You'll never know if you don't tell us - go for it!
11. There are methods of contacting us on our 'Contact' page.

12. This one could be a bit tricky. Genre is defined as a division of a particular form of art according to criteria particular to that form. The other thing you must remember is that genre does not just apply to music but to all forms of art.

As far as music is concerned it is a category (or group) of pieces of music that share a certain style or "basic musical language" but can also we catergorised by a geographical location or even race, for example Hawaiian music or black gospel.

13. Rock usually features vocals (often with vocal haromony), electric guitars and a strong back beat, other instruments, of which may include saxophone (which has been omitted from the newer genres, such as rock since the 90s).

Rock n Roll has two distinct meanings, either traditionals rock and rock in the 1950s style, or later rock and even pop music which may be very far from traditional rock and roll.

14. Unfortunately there's not a short answer to this one.

R&B (once standing for rhythm and blues) was believed to be a gimic and musical marketing term, initially introduced in the United States in the late 1940s by Jerry Wexler at Billboard magazine.

R&B was designated by an upbeat popular music performed by African American artists whose style mixed jazz and blues. The term R&B (or rhythm and blues) replaced the somewhat 'offensive' term known as 'race music'.

Initially, R&B was used to identify an earlier style of music that would later developed into 'rock and roll'. Changes came about and in the 1970s R&B evolved again and now included soul and funk. Today, the acronym 'R&B' has almost completely replaced 'rhythm and blues' and is now used to define a more modern version of soul and funk that developed at the end of the disco era some time in the 1980s.

15. A 'gold' record (according to the RIAA) is a song (or album) that has sold over 500,000 copies and a 'platinum' record is one that has sold over 1,000,000 copies. There is another category which is even higher than the platinum, the 'diamond' award or certification. Under this category a song or album must exceed sales of over 10,000,000 copies.
16. This question does not (at present) have a definite answer, however, the best place to find your answer would be at this website - they list all the latest cases against copyright theft and downloaded music. http://www.riaa.com/news/filings/default.asp
17. Not at the moment. Just keeping up with the UK charts is a chore in itself but we will not rule it out if we get enough requests.



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