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Madonna : Biography

Madonna, was born on 16 August 1958 to Silvio, 'Tony' P. Ciccone (an Italian-American Chrysler engineer and Madonna Louise Fortin (a woman with French Canadian ancestry living in Bay City, Michigan). Madonna was the third of six children born to this union. Sadly, Madonna Louise (Madonna's mother) died of breast cancer when Madonna was only five years old (1 December, 1963). Her father would later marry the family house keeper and father two more children. Madonna was raised by a Catholic family in the Detroit suburbs of Pontiac and Rochester Hills.

Madonna attended Rochester Adams High school where she excelled in sports, was a member of a cheerleading squad and enjoyed a four point grade average (straight A's or full marks).

Madonna and all her siblings were forced by their father to take music lesson and so after a few months of piano, Madonna managed to sway her father into letting her take ballet classes instead, where she proved her talents as a dancer.

In 1976, Madonna completed her high school education (equivalent to secondary school in the UK) where she received a dance scholarship to the University of Michigan. It is here that she met ballet teacher Christopher Flynn who not only mentored her in the field of dance but provided her first exposure to gay discotheques (A nightclub that features dancing to recorded or sometimes live music and often has showy decor and elaborate lighting), a scene that would later have considerable impact on her style and music.