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Rod Stewart :

'Rod is still very physically active in recent years and plays in a senior football league and still kicking balls into the audience during concerts. (Talk about coming full circle!) As a fan he is a well-known supporter of Celtic F.C. and the Scotland national team. Despite his age, which is now in his early 60's Rod still sports his trademark rooster-style haircut. On the romantic side of Rod Stewart, he has been known for his relationships with attractive women with which he as fathered six children with five of them, not counting his youngest.

That's right, Rod Stewart and his Fiancee, Penny Lancaster have a brand new baby boy. Alastair Wallace Stewart, whose name was chosen for its Scottish origins, while Wallace is named in memory of Penny's grandfather, was born at 2.24am on Sunday, 27th of November at St. John and St. Elizabeth Hospital, weighing 7 lbs. and 7oz. Congrat's to the new family.

Rod's Family

A quick recount of Rod's family, so far (who knows what the future will hold) Kimberly, age 26 (born in 1979), and Sean, 25 (born 1981), by first wife, Alana Stewart(George Harrison's ex-wife); Ruby, 18 (born 1987), with former girlfriend Kelly Emberg; and Renée, 13 (born 1992), and Liam, 11(born 1994), from his marriage to Rachel Hunter.

Note: Although this can not be verified as Rod continues to deny it, the media headlines profess that Rod has still another child. Quoting a Sunday Mirror article, posted online, 1 Jan, 2006 at this web site, on this page,

" Rod was an 18-year-old unknown musician when he met Sarah's mother, Susannah Boffey, then an art student, in Islington, North London. They had a year-long relationship - until Susannah fell pregnant. When Rod found out, Sarah says he wanted nothing more to do with her. "He told mum he didn't want her to have the baby, but mum was having none of it." She says Rod had to be dragged to the hospital to be at the birth by Susannah's friend Chrissie Shrimpton, later Mick Jagger's model girlfriend. "He sat outside the labour room with his head in his hands saying, 'What have I done?'" More...

So, in light of the above article, I give you, Sarah Thubron, age 42 (born 1964). I do not make the news - I only pass it on.

As for Rod Stewart's Awards:

  • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994
  • Received the Diamond Award of World Music Awards show for over 100 million records sold worldwide in 2001
  • Recieved the Grammy Awards for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album in 2005 for Startdust, The Great American Songbook Volume III