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This is the VLE School.

Terms of use

The contents of these courses are copyright. However the copyright owner waives all fees for the moment and you may freely use this course at home or in any educational establishment.To do so you will need a username and password

Feel free to download the lot if you wish and transfer it to CD however you may not remove the contents of page headers. If you would like a copy of the course on CD e-mail the copyright owner at and we will be happy to tell you how you can get the latest course for a £25.00 payment (Paypal).At some point in the future we may remove this course from unrestricted access but will make it available in a password protected area for a nominal charge, which will also entitle you to updates on CD as and when they are produced.


If a bumble bee knew that it was hard to fly it might give up and walk. So just because something is hard; it doesn't mean you can't do it.
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