There are three main exam boards offering a GCSE in ICT. These are:

  • AQA
  • Edexcel
  • OCR

There are others also. This page shows the Edexcel course.

Edexcel 1185 (Full GCSE).

In this course you will sit an examination. In addition you will be required to produce four items of coursework:

  • Multimedia (PowerPoint or HTML)
  • Databases - a compulsory unit
  • Spreadsheets - a compulsory unit
  • Word Processing
  • Web site production
  • Control

Your coursework counts for 60% of your final mark and the exam for the remaining 40%

You have one term to produce each item of coursework but in addition you will have to learn other things you need to know for the exam.

You have five terms available to work in. In your final term you will be revising for the exam and putting the finishing touches to your coursework.

As part of your work the exam board (Edexcel) produce a case study which you will need to work with.

  • 2008 Case Study - For the exam taken in summer 2008
  • 2009 Case Study - For the exam taken in summer 2009

Much of the work you need to learn you have already covered in the Starter Unit.

When creating coursework documents it is important that you focus on the following:

  • Styles of writing and presentation
  • Purpose of the document
  • Document layout
  • Presentation techniques
  • Content – this should be relevant and complete

Where appropriate, use relevant information from the case study in your documents. You should invent any extra details which are missing when necessary to make your documents complete.

Make sure that:

  • You include your name, candidate number and centre number on all documents in a page header.
  • That the filename and path is shwn in the page footer (This helps prove the work is yours)
  • That each item is clearly labeled - Multimedie, Database, etc.
  • That you put the work in the correct order
  • That you number the pages
  • That you use a treasury tag to fasten the sheets together (No plastic wallets). It's ok to store the work in a folder while you are completing it.

Quick Tips

To help you there is a checklist showing the tasks available. If you cannot check off all the items on it you have not finished!

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