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Web Site Task - Identify

What you have to do.


In this unit you have to produce a website as coursework.

For the moment don't worry about how you will make the website since that is covered in the fourth stage. If you need to get help with choosing or using your Web editor try following the guides shown in the 'Quick Tips' section below right to producing a website

You need to break it down into 5 different sections:

What to do.

In the following instructions the bold text will be your headings and subheadings.

  1. Choose a website task. You should remeber that web designers work for clients and may not be particularly interested in the content of the website they are making. Here's some ideas:
  • Produce a website for a riding stables (Task 1)
  • Make a website for a club - for example a Karate club. It can show people interested in learning karate the basics. (Task 2)
  • Make a website for a business which sells things, as in the example, a flower shop (Task 3), hardware store, carpet store (Task 8), or Pharmacist (Task 9).
  • Produce a new section for an existing website, for example a health food store wants a sectio about goji berries (Task 4)
  • Produce a website for a charity, for example an animal shelter. (Task 5)
  • Make a website for a business which offers a service. for example a hairdressers, beautician, plumber, mobile mechanic (Task 6) etc.
  • Produce a website to promote a theme park - for example a new adventure theme park aimed at teenagers (Task 7)
  • Make a new website for a school. Look at your school's current website. Can you do better?
  • Come up with your own idea - but get your teacher to check it before you start

Whatever your choice you need to think about who the owner of the website will be and what they hope to gain from having the website made. Websites cost money so there must be a purpose to it.

You may NOT produce a personal web page for yourself. You have to have a 'user' in mind - the website owner. This person cannot be you!

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