See the dark, fast closing in
Soon we must part, a new life begin
For the moment we smile, secure and with glee
We made life worthwhile with passion, pleasure, ecstasy
How could we ask more, heaven is in our hand
We loved as never before, once weak, yet now we stand
Wanting but one thing from this world where we live
To be together and share all we have to give

© 1998 - Poem is an original of JayDax

"We are all angels with one wing and only together can we fly."

The midi you are listening to, 'Colors of the Wind', is by Vanessa Williams.
Find out more about her and her music here

Sadly enough, we go through many changes in our lives. We grow up, leave home, start a family of our own and say good-bye to loved one's. This is all part of living and change. One thing we must remember is, we don't have to go through it alone. In times of hurt and sorrow always lean on the ones that love you.

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