Behind the Window


The midi you're listening to is, 'Thriller', by Michael Jackson.
You cand find out more about him and his music here.


Written by: Jennifer R. Smith - 7 Oct 1997

As the sun goes down, and the world turns black,
We rise to feed, despite mortal flack.

We live among you; you deny we exist

Suddenly we have you - tightly in an iron fist.

You struggle to flee, you try to run.
We're on your back - in a race against the sun.

We pull you close and lay you down.

You try to scream, but there's no sound.

You sturggle to rise; you kick and scream.
We back off and tell you it was only a dream.

We leave you alone, scared and afraid.

You know now, why you were made.

You don't understand why we are here.
You know to believe, you know what to fear.

You've lived through this night, you've lived through the fire.

You're meat for the beast - food for the vampyre