Mixing Applets - The Dorian GrayII and the Alcsnow applets

A combination of two applets

This scene uses two applets - The alcsnow applet and the Dorian GrayII applet. Here's how it is done:

  1. Two copies of the background image are prepared. We used Paintshop Pro to make them. Both images were darkened to make the snow stand out on them. 
  2. The alcsnow applet was run without entering a file name for the image. This produces snow on a black background. Paintshop Pro was used to capture a copy of this image and to construct a transparent gif, which was overlaid on one of the images. 
  3. All the images used are shown below.
Original Image
Background 2
Captured snow - the red is transparent
Background 3
The code to display the final image is shown in the table below. This code has to appear between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags of your HTML code:
<CENTER>  Begin code to center the applets
<APPLET CODE="alcsnow.class" WIDTH="190" HEIGHT="180"> Sets the size of the snow applet to the size of the image
<PARAM NAME=grph VALUE="background2.jpg"> The background image to the snow scene
<PARAM NAME=snows VALUE="600"> Amount of snow
<PARAM NAME=threadsleep VALUE="100"> Amount of wind blowing the snow
</APPLET> End of the snow applet code
<BR> Forces the next applet below the first. If you are using Netscape Composer, watch that a nonbreaking space does not creep into your code here or you will get an ugly gap in your picture.
<APPLET code="DorianGray_II.class" align="top" WIDTH="190" HEIGHT="95"> Sets the size of the lake applet, which appears below the snow applet
<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="FFFFCC"> Sets the back ground colour that will appear while the applet loads
<PARAM name="image" value="background3.jpg"> The image reflected by the lake applet
<PARAM name="loadtext" value="Snow Scene"> Text which appears while the applet is loading
<PARAM name="mode" value="0"> Style of display of ripples  -  0 = slow, 6 = fast
<PARAM name="sound" value="brook1a.au"> File name of sound played when clicking on the reflection
<PARAM name="text" value="Like the Java?..."> Text displayed in the status bar  when clicking on the reflection
<PARAM name="textcolor" value="ff0000"> Text colour while the image is loading
</APPLET> End of Dorian GrayII applet code
</CENTER> End code to center the applets

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