Favourites 1 - Serenity
"Merging of Souls"
Thomas Kinkade - House By Stream
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The midi you are listening to is 'Watermark' by Enya
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To the realms of forever
Through the mists of beyond

I will follow you always

We're intertwined together

 Our souls can be found

Where the Dream Faeire plays

Seeking earnestly to meet
With a whisper of hope

On a cascade of Joy

Our lives are complete

As spirits meld, hearts will cope

Master fate we employ

Our thoughts are sublime.

© 1997 JayDax
Poetry by: JayDax
Original Art by: Thomas Kinkade.
Many thanks to Mr. Kinkade for allowing us to display his breathtaking art on our site


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About this page
Back in 1997, when Dax and I first started talking on Internet we had discovered Java Lake applets; sheets of rippling water in a picture; and I set out to find out how they were done.

Being me, I wasn't content to start out with something simple, and decided to produce an applet using a very pretty picture Dax had found on the Web.

We reversed the picture, cropped it and tweaked it a little in PaintShop Pro (version 4 at the time) to make it 'just right'. I produced the necessary images for the applet while Dax found a suitable midi.

We wrote the poetry line by line in ICQ. Dax wrote the first line, I the second and so on. We then went through it line by line making suggestions until we got the final version. We thought it reflected well our mood at the time and the result appeared on our first joint website.

A few months later we found the painting was by Thomas Kinkade and wrote to him to check that it was ok to use it. He must have liked the effect because he replied, granting us permission to use any of his pictures in our applet effects.

'Serenity' proved very popular and it's poem - it's been published in an anthology and, if plagarism is the best form of compliment, then we've been complemented several times.

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