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Madonna : Biography

Madonna would make history, along with others like Michael Jackson and Prince using the music videos to put pictures with voice and music thrusting the public into the multimedia world. Music critics and rock musicians would see this as a bad omen, abusing the style over substance.

'Like A Virgin', roared over the airwaves (not only radio but tv as well), in 1984, an album produced by Nile Rodgers (a prolific guitarist and music producer), becoming Madonna's very first number one album in the US Billboard Top 200. The album, 'Like A Virgin' (boosted by the record sells of the single which stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks straight around the globe) became an international success, spinning off three more Billboard Top Five singles, ('Material Girls', 'Angel' and 'Dress You Up') which eventually was awarded the Diamond album, ( albums are certified a diamond album when 10 million copies are shipped in the United States) album certification by the RIAA.

'Like A Virgin', would open the door to some interesting times ahead for both Madonna, her fans and her critics. In 1984 at the first MTV Video Music Awards, she paraded herself lustfully around the stage wearing a slightly more revealing wedding gown than normal, lacy stockings, a garter and her trademark 'boy toy' belt. This would prove to be only the first time (of many to follow) that Madonna would shock her public and at the same time boost her fan base. Unfortunately it was also like throwing a cat to the bulldogs as far as her critics were concerned. Despite the fact that they described her as a shallow and talentless 'flash-in-the-pan', this incident earned Madonna a number 11 listing on the VH-1's 'Greatest Moments That Rocked TV'. During this time Madonna would change her image almost as often as the wind changed direction.

Where she had been using mostly synthesizers and dance beats, featuring a 'street urchin' version of a singer, the image she projected in 'Like A Virgin' was lacy and sensual with Madonna portraying Lolita-like sexual decadence. 'Material Girl', which was the second single from the album, Madonna used Marilyn Monroe's , 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', (from the film 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'). The single and video earned Madonna her media nickname, 'Material Girl'.