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Madonna : Biography

In 1985, Madonna stepped onto the silver screen in a film called, 'Vision Quest' in which she made a brief appearance playing a club singer. 'Vision Quest' included her second number one Billboard hit, 'Crazy For You'. Next came 'Desperately Seeking Susan', which raked in $27 Million in the US. As to be expected all Madonna's movies are memorable for the soundtracks, especially 'Desperately Seeking Susan' where she bellowed out her 'Into The Grove'. 'Angel' which was the flipside (or B side is it is known in the UK) of 'Like A Virgin' would reach number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was recently listed as number 40 on VH-1's Greatest Dance Song List.

When Madonna launched her first full-scale live performance tour titled, 'The Virgin Tour' she was blamed for an epidemic of young teenage girls around the country dressing up in spandex, miniskirts, torn t-shirts and lacy bras, adorning their arms with black rubber bangles, teased, bow-tied hair and right down to the 'stressed mole above her lip, as they tried desperately to emulate 'The Queen of Pop'.

As mentioned earlier, in 1985 some of those skeletons Madonna had held in the closet now sprang out. Nude black and white photos, published in both Penthouse and Playboy (which she posed for art photographers back in New York in the 70's to make money on which to survive) surfaced causing some slightly embarrassing moments for her.That same month she would perform at the 'Live Aid' charity concert.

In August of this same year, 1985, Madonna lost a court battle against director Stephen Jon Lewicki over the video release of 'A Certain Sacrifice' a soft-porn movie she starred in during her early 'not so famous' years in New York. Not all bad came from this incident for this is when she met and fell in love with Sean Penn. On 16 August, 1985 she and Sean were married in an outdoor ceremony in Malibu, California.

'True Blue', Madonna's third album (co-produced by Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray) was released in 1986 and it marked the first time in American music history that a female entered the Billboard Top 200 chart as number 1. On the album was included the hits 'Live and Tell' (the theme from the film 'At Close Range', starring Sean Penn who was her husband at the time), 'Papa Don't Preach' and 'Open Your Heart', along with the Billboard Top 10 hits 'True Blue' and 'La Isla Bonita' with 'True Blue' being more of a musical and mature album than previous ones, prompting the magazine, Rolling Stones to declare, 'Singing better than ever, Madonna stakes her claim as the pop poet of lower-middle-class America'. Rumours circled round that the pitch of Madonna's voice was altered on her first two albums to make her sound more like a little girl. With 'True Blue' it was said her 'true voice' had surfaced.