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Madonna : Biography

''Immaculate Colletion' (her greatest hits) was released later in 1990 and the album was dedicated to the 'Pope', her 'divine inspiration'. Despite the fact that many people think the dedication was to the leader of the Cathoic Church it was in fact to her brother Christopher (whom she called, 'The Pope' as a funny nickname because he manages everything. On 'Immaculate Collection', Madonna included fifteen of her biggest hits and two new songs, both top ten hits.

'Justify My Love' was given the black label by the MTV-US, due to its sexual content and they decided not to air it. This prompted Madonna's record company to release it as a 'video single' (the first of its kind) as a VHS video at which it sold over 400,000 copies and the CD single sold over a million. The followup, 'Rescue Me', reached number nine and probably would have done better if it has been released eariler (coinsiding with the video).

In 1991, Madonna once again donned the big screen in 'Truth or Dare/In Bed With Madonna' which started her 'Blond Ambition Tour', (changing the name to 'Truth or Dare' for the US release). 'Truth or Dare' exposed a lot of Madonna's personality and private secrets - she came across as being very ambitious, demanding, sexy and highly intelligent at the same time showing the softer side as she confronted family members and visited her mother's grave. The documentary grossed fifteen million in the US and another twenty million overseas.

In 1992, came the bouncing and bubly comedy, Penny Marshall film 'A League Of Their Own' a movie, the storyline being about an all women's baseball team, that would make you laugh as well as cry. Madonna wrote and performed, 'This Used To Be My Playground', the theme song to the film. It became a number one worldwide hit for Madonna and her 10th 100 number one single. It looked at last that Madonna was changing her tune to a more settled and serious style. Only in your dreams!