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Madonna : Biography

On 21 October, 1992, Steven Meisel (an American photographer) released an erotic book, 'Sex' of adult nature that featured Madonna as the centerpiece of photographs along with other pop music artists of the time acting out their various sexual fantasys (including lesbianism and sms). As you might have guessed, the book was a best seller. Catering to the publicity generated by Steve's book, Madonna, now at the age of 34, decided it was time to release her next album which she titled, 'Erotica' that same year. She co-wrote and produced the record mostly with the legendary Shep Pettibone, (a record producer, remixer, songwriter and club DJ, one of the most prolific of the 1980s and known for his Disco style music). 'Erotica', acting almost like a companion for the book, the album featured bold sexual anthems making no attempt to disguise Madonna's appetite for erotic fantasy and role-playing. 'Erotica' gave birth to several other number one hits, 'Deeper And Deeper, which hit number 7, 'Bad Girl', number 36 and 'Rain' reaching number 14. The video, however created quite a stir, causing it to be aired only three times on MTV. 'Bad Girl' would be remembered as becoming the first Madonna single since her big success with 'Holiday' that would not hit the top 20. 'Rain', a ballad, was the only single from the album to be played on Adult Contemporary radio due to its more kider and gentler mannerisms. It's video almost appeared 'alien' compared to the rest of the album.

U.S. commentators regarded 'Body Of Evidence' as an exercise in light pornography with Madonna's character accused of killing her lover by means of sexual intercourse and the film was given a rating of 'R' as it contained explicit nudity and graphic sex scenes. 'Dangerous Game' was close at heels due to its graphic and violent content. Madonna would later said, this entire part of her life was designed to give the public all the tiny details about her private life they were so depserate to reveal - so she did it for them! She hoped that once all the skeletons were out of the closet the blood hounds would find something else to chase and she would be able to centre more on her work.