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Madonna : Biography

In 1994, now at the ripe age of 36 but still not over the hill, Madonna set 'Bedtime Stories' loose on the public, which included, 'Secret', a track produced by Dallas Austin (an African American songwriter, record producer, guitarist, and keyboardist) who was enjoying considerable success with TLC, (a hugely successful R&B and hip-hop group that was formed in 1991) and their song, 'Creep'. 'Take A Bow', was another track on 'Bedtime Stories' which was co-written and co-produced by 'Babyface', (real name being Kenneth Brian Edmonds, a successful African American R&B and pop singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, record producer, film producer, and entreprenuer.) who also sang backup for the song. 'Take A Bow' made the US Billboards Hot 100 for seven weeks straight which broke Madonna's previous record of six weeks at that position for 'Like A Virgin'. This would later prove benefical to her landing the leading role in Evita. 'Bedtime Stories' was nominated for a Grammy the same year and Madonna sang, 'Take A Bow' at the American Music Awards. The album was triple platinum certified in the US at the end of 2005 which means it sold over two million copies.

For the next few years, hoping to improve her reputation as an actress, Madonna would accept some less demanding roles in some independent films including, 'Blue In the Face', (where she played a singing telegram girl in 1995), 'Four Rooms', (which she played the part of a witch, also in 1995) and 'Girl 6' (where Madonna played the cameo part of a phone sex company owner - a Spike Lee flop in 1996).

'Something To Remember' an album including a collection of her greatest ballads was released in late 1995. 'You'll See' featured as one of the three new songs which went to the top ten. Madonna began preparing herself for the coveted role of Eva Perón in the upcoming adaptation of Evita, a motion picture by Alan Parker, a role she had sought for ten years which she won. This would prove to be Madonna's first acceptance as an actress in a leading role. She was given a Golden Globe and priased by her critics. 'Evita', the soundtrack went on to become Madonna's 12th platinum album, due to the well known and accepted hit single, 'Don't Cry For Me Argentia'.

In 1996 Madonna was forced to slacken her pace when she became pregnant by her then lover and personal trainer, Carlos Leon. Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon (Lola) was born 14 October 1996. The following year Madonna started studying a mystical interpretation of the Torah, known as 'Kabbala' and began taking Yoga lessons to bring her body to the peak of fitness.