Website Task - Analyse

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Web Site Task - Analyse

What you have to do.

You need to breakyour website coursework down into 5 different sections. This page covers the second section.:

What to do.

In the following instructions the bold text will be your headings and subheadings.

  1. Create a Word document with the title 'Analysing the website problem'
  • After you write the title save it in your folder 'website coursework'. As you work on this document keep saving it regularly.
  • Briefly say what pages you will need and what text you will need in the website.
  • Describe what hardware will be needed. Apart from the computer system will you need a scanner, digital camera, printer, projection screen etc? Say what computer equipment the viewer/user will need to use the website.
  • Explain what software you will use and why you think this is suitable. Are there any alternatives? Don't forget to mention graphics software you use to make images or sound editing software if you use that. What software will the final owner of the website use to update it? Don't forget to mention that this is a website and will be explored using a web browser. Which one will you recommend?
  • Explain what type of information you will have to enter. Where will you get information? Don't just say - the Internet. You need more detail than this. Beware of just copying and pasting information from other websites since this gets few marks and is not really 'solving a problem'. Explain why pictures will be useful and why you chose that type - jpg or gif. See for a description of these.
  • Explain how the software will change or present the information. Will you make any custom backgrounds or images? How about custom sounds?
  • Explain in what style/form the information will be presented or output. Will you use normal, bold or Italic text? Will you change the font used? Explain why you chose the style and sizes you will use?
  • Explain how the website can be backed up to prevent it being lost
  • Discuss security. Since your solution involves the general public using the website explain how you will stop unauthorised people tampering with the website (hacking).

This is what the exam board has asked for :

Marks you will get
What you need to do to get these marks
What you must produce

What software you will use.
What you will type into the website.
What you want the website to tell people?
Explain how the information you type in will be displayed in the browser to solve the problem.

In order to do this, a student should provide:

  • Software and hardware or explanation of what software is going to be used and why it is suitable for this problem.
  • Analysis of the input data required, including source and methods of collection and error checking.
  • Processing or how the data will be manipulated to solve the problem. Explanation of the flow of data through the system.
  • Analysis of output requirements and formats.
  • Analysis of strategies for backups and security.
  • A complete list of hardware is not necessary, only the hardware especially relevant to the problem, e.g. a scanner and colour printer for producing a magazine.
  • Inclusion of details of any preparation of the data required before input and verification and/or validation procedures used.
  • Diagrams may be a useful means of explanation. The flow of data through the system must be clear and explicit for full marks to be awarded.
  • What output is going to be screen based and what data needs to be printed? Will different output be required at different times or in different situations? Will the output be sorted or a sub set of the data? What layout is needed?
  • A backup strategy suitable for the user should be clearly explained. Frequency, media, amount of data and time required to perform backup should be considered.

What type of software will be used. e.g. program is produced by an HTML editor and displayed using a Web browser.
What computer equipment the user will need to display the web pages.
Where you will get the data you type in and how you will collect it.
Explain some of the HTML you will use e.g. use of tables to hold the parts of a web page in place.
Explain the type of images you will need or produce and what they will tell you.
Explain how and where you will keep backup copies of the file.

5-9 Explain what the user will have to do each week/day.
Explain how you will check the information entered to make sure it is sensible e.g. need to make sure prices are realistic and will make a profit.
Explain all the HTML used with examples.
Explain why images will be added and what purpose they serve.
Explain how you can stop unauthorised people making changes e.g. a hacker changing the prices.

Quick Tips

Done all that?

  • Save your document,
  • Add your name in a header and the filename and path in a footer.
  • Print it and
  • hand it in to be marked.

Now you can go on to the next part - Designing a solution


'Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere' - G.K. Chesterton.
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