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Programming (Page being updated)

JavaScript, DHTML and Ajax

JavaScript includes: pre loading graphics, url relocation, embedded sound effects, midis, random midi player, timed messages, alert boxes, clocks, billboards, status bar messages, scrolling messages and other.

DHTML includes: layers, onMouseOver (text and images that change colour when you move your mouse over them), cascading style sheets, animation, moving an animated image, random image display and interactive page changes, where a new page is constructed from input.


Cost from 4.00 (about $8.00 US) up depending on the complexity and time involved. Our hourly charge is 35.00 ($70.00 US).
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Common Gate Interface (CGI) includes:
Guest books, counters, customized forms, e-mail forms, auto respond, surveys, and others including accepting on - line credit card payments.

Due to the time involved to construct these, our fee is a set rate of £35.00 ($70.00 US) per hour, minimum of £35.00 ($70.00 US)
Note: some of these effects are available through third parties free of charge but require setting up for which we charge £11.00 ($22.00 US)

Databases: We offer a customized database based on Gossamer Threads Dbman. A license fee of £72.00 ($144.00 US) is payable for use of this database on a commercial site - it is free on non-profit sites. Our fee for customizing the database varies depending on complexity. A simple database can be produced for £35.00 ($70.00 US) - a more complex database such as an estate agency database can be produced for £286.00 ($572.00 US) - example

Shopping Carts/Online Catalogues: We can produce, on a suitable web host, a shopping cart which allows you to sell items from your website. Our fee for producing shopping carts/catalogues selling up to 20 item is £72.00 ($144.00 US).
Where more than 20 items are to be sold, we recommend the purchase of Actinic Catalogue. This is a high quality product which allows up to 20,000 items to be sold. Actinic Catalogue must be licensed at £285.00 ($570.00 US) and requires setting up on your website. Our fee for setting up Actinic is as follows:

  • Up to 50 items     - £121.00 ($242.00 US)
  • 51 to 100 items   - £164.00 ($328.00 US)
  • 100 to 200 items - £286.00 ($572.00 US)
  • over 200 items    - ask for estimate

Prices vary on complexity and are charged in UK pounds. You can find the cost in your local currency using Personal Currency Assistant


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