Canal City


This page is dedicated to the memory of a two year old boy, who tragically drowned on May 31, 1998. Not the first child to be attracted to water, and sadly, he won't be the last.
Parents -  Beware!
The midi you are listening to,'Scarborough Fair', is a traditional English tune played by Simon and Garfunkle.
Find out more about them and their music here
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You're looking at a canal in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It's a little unusual, because there is a barrier, or fence, between the canal and the towpath. Most English canals don't have this, after all, the towpath's original function dates back to the days, when horses pulled the barge along the canal, and a fence would have got in the way.
Today, any barges are powered by diesel and the towpath has become a place to walk. 

So here we have water, boats, a convenient path and a route through the heart of the city, all of which spells disaster in the making for young children. The canals aren't deep, apart from in the locks, an adult would have no trouble keeping their head above water. It's different for a child, however, and the problem is compounded by an unpleasant few who see the canal as a good place to dump that old bicycle or shopping trolley.