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Madonna : Biography

'Ray Of Light' was released in March 1998, an album that was co-produced by William Orbit (a British musician and record producer.) 'Ray Of Light' would be Madonna's biggest hit in nearly 10 years, selling well over sixteen million copies worldwide. From it came top five hit singles, 'Frozen' and 'Ray Of Light', the latter for which she recived 3 Grammy awards. Some other singles from the same album were, 'Drownded World/Substitue For Love', 'The Power Of Goodbye', and 'Nothing Really Matters', (where Madonna dressed up as a Geisha). After 'Ray Of Light' came the soundtrack for the 'Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me' film that hit the silver screens in 1999, the song being 'Beautiful Stranger'. After 'Austin Powers' Madonna barely gave herself time to take a breath before she was busy working on her next project, a film called, 'The Next Best Thing' which only proved to be yet another disappointment in her 'gray' film career. The soundtrack for the movie, however, was responsible for a worldwide number one hit. A remake of Don McLean's classic, 'American Pie', to which Madonna added her usual visual effects and flare.

In 2000, at the mature age of 42, Madonna released an album called, simply, 'Music'. Once again, like she always maganges to do, Madonna almost compltely changed her angle and abandoned her 'sexual' and 'religious' themes of the past. The album hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 selling 420,000 in the first week of its release. From 'Music' came her slightly country-westernish hit, 'Don't Tell Me', and 'What It Feels Like For A Girl.' While shooting the video 'Music', Madonna was pregnant with Rocco, her second child with her (soon to be second) husband, Guy Ritchie, (they would be married in Skibo Castle in Scotland on 22 December tha same year) who also helped to produce the album. Unfortunately the video, 'What It Feels Like For A Girl', was banned by MTV and VH! after only three appearances over the airwaves, due to it's graphic, violent nature. Music, despite critisms and abstinence was nominated for four Grammy awards and recieved a triple platinum certification in the US. Madonna would later appear in a short commerical film called 'Star' (diredted for BMW by her Ritchie) and after that one called 'Swept Away' , also directed by her husband, which would prove to be another black blott on her acting career.

In 2001, 'The Drownded World Tour', which would be her first world tour since 'The Girlie Show Tour' (in 1993), was a complete 'sell out'. The tour would later be aired on a TV special in the US and released on DVD in November of that year to go alongside the release of her second greatest hits album, 'Madonna, Greatest Hits Vol 2'. Greatest Hits Vol 2 proved to be quiet different from her first volume of greates hits as it contained a selection of radio edits of her hits from the early 90's and 2001 time frame, however there was no new material offered.