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Madonna : Biography

In 2002, Madonna performed the theme song for the James Bond film, 'Die Another Day' which became a top ten worldwide hit landing a number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100! As odd as it may sound, the song was nomiated for both 'Golden Globe for Best Original Song' and 'Golden Raspberry for Worst Song'. So, I suppose to some if was very good while others considered it very bad, however, I can't really imagine anything coming from Madonna 'logically' being called bad or worst!

When Madonna released her album, 'America Life' it was not well accepted due to it's electronic-acoutic, artifcial sound. As usual, Madonna responded to the public's reaction with another of her 'not so well accepted acts', she created a video with some very graphic content with scenes of explosions and blood. A few days before the video was released it was edited and in place of scenes with bleeding war victims, Madonna tossed a hand granade in the lap of an effigy of George W. Bush (the 43rd President of the United States of America). Due to the video's timing and the conflict in Iraq and other places, it was revoked on the day it premiered despite the fact that it had been edited again, having Madonna singing the song in front of different country flags. The single made number one in 3 countries, number 2 in the UK but didn't even reach the top 30 in the States - typical! 'American Life' would prove to be Madonna's lowest selling album worldwide in her entire career. It looked like the US had 'black balled' Madonna. Her next singles, 'Hollywood' and 'Love Profusion' topped the charts in the UK and Canada but didn't make it in the US charts As a result, she only released, 'Nothing Fails' single in a select number of country with it enjoying mediocrate success.

Madonna has never been one to be or do anything the general public would consider, 'normal'. In 2003 she once again shocked her fans (as did Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera) when they shared a 'kiss' as Madonna performed her hit, 'Hollywood' on stage. This would go on to become one of the most talked-about performances in the history of MTV Video Music Awards. As a come-back, Madonna recorded a duet with Britney, 'Me Against The Music', which was included on Britney's Greatest Hits and Madonna's Remixed & Revisited of 'American Life'. As Madonna was one of Britney's major inspiration for her own career, singing a duet with her 'idol' was an honour.