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Madonna : Biography

In 2004, Madonna went on her 'Re-Invention World Tour' playing fify-six dates in the US and abroad. The tour, bringing in $125,000,000 was her highest-grossing tour of 2004, according to Billboard magazine. It won Madonna complements as well as, as usual, critisim because she included some of her earlier hits, which she said she would no longer use in her performances. After a brief understanding with Warner Brothers Records, (with whom Madonna shared record label Maverick) she sold all her share in Maverick and washed her hands of the entire fiaco.

26, December 2004, a day known as 'boxing day' in the UK would be remembered as one of the saddest of times. A major earthquake stuck in the Indian Ocean causing a tsunami which hit eastern parts of Asia and almost completely destroyed Sri-Lanka and other holiday spots. The devistation was unbelieveable. NBC put together a concert called, 'Tsunami Aid: A Concert of Hope' which Madonna sang, John Lennon's 'Imagine'. Later she helped out with the Live 8 concert in July, performing hits like 'Like A Prayer', 'Ray Of Hope' and 'Music', all song titles with tasteful and appropriate content with perfect timing. Madonna who is always willing to do her part to help out the less fortunate, greeted, Birhan Woldu, a young woman who almost died in the Ethiopoian famine in the 80s.

Talk about a disappointment, on Madonna's 47th birthday, she was thrown from her horse while riding at her English home, the 'Ashcombe House' and was admitted to the hospital with five cracked ribs, a broken collar bone, a misalighned fibula (otherwise known as a calfbone), a mild case of angina, (which is commonly known as chest pain in the muscle around the heart - probably brought on by her being thrown from the horse) and to add to all that , a broken hand. She was treated and and released later on that day.