Intermediate Tutorial - Using the Anfy Java Lake Applet

This tutorial assumes that you have already downloaded the Anfy Lake Applet - you will need the files 'AnLake.class, Lware.class and anfy.class'. If you wish to display scrolling text you will also need 'lakescr.txt'. Now, you can download all of these separately, but, the easiest way to get them all, plus a bonus  of other Java applets, is to download the Anfy Java Applet Configurator from it's creator, Fabio Ciucci's website at . Once you have this program downloaded and installed, these are the steps you will need to follow to produce the following applet:

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java. 

On the first screen, select the Image effects and LAKE - choose Next

On the second screen, select by browsing the file name of the image to be laked. Ours was Arizona.jpg
Set the wind intensity to 10 - This controls the height of the waves
Set the wind variation speed to 5 - Wind variation, allows the waves to look more random and natural
Set the wind variation minimum to 5
Set the wind variation maximum to 15
Set the wave speed to 30 - This controls how fast the waves travel - in general, leave it alone
Set the perspective to 10 - The higher your viewpoint, the lower this should be
Set the farwaving to 200 - This controls the height of the waves at the far end of the lake
Set the resolution to 1 - Increasing this value, magnifies the image
The program will set the width and height of the applet automatically. The only control you have, is to choose half wave, or not. We chose not to. (If you want to fine tune the height of the applet, this can be done in the HTML editor).
Set enable textscroll to on - choose Next

On the third screen, Set the scroll text to horizontal
Enter the following text, with four spaces and a return between each line

A fish in the desert?
It can't be!
But it is...
Leave it to JayDax :o)
Set speed to 1
Set Y offset (from the image top) to 350
Set sine to 0 (no sinuous snaking of the text)
Set shadow to enable and set the colour to white
Set the text to black, Helvetica, 14, standard - choose Next

On the fourth screen, set overlay to enable (If you are not using an overlay, you can omit this)
Use browse and select the file name of your overlay, in this case it was jump_fish.gif
Set X offset to 170 (from the left hand edge)
Set Y offset to 200 (from the image top) - choose Next and Next again.

This produced the following code, which was pasted into a HTML page. If you want, at this stage you can tell the Configurator to copy all relevant files to the same folder as the HTML page, which you name.
At any stage, you can choose the Preview button to see how your applet looks and make any necessary changes.

<applet code="AnLake.class" width=256 height=400>
<param name=credits value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (">(if your configurator is not registered - DO NOT bother this line as it will disable the applet when used online)
<param name=res value="1">
<param name=image value="Arizonabk.jpg">
<param name=wavspeed value="30">
<param name=perspective value="10">
<param name=farwaving value="200">
<param name=wind value="10">
<param name=windvarval value="5">
<param name=windvarmin value="5">
<param name=windvarmax value="15">
<param name=halfreflect value="NO">
<param name=overimg value="jump_fish.gif">
<param name=overimgX value="170">
<param name=overimgY value="200">
<param name=textscroll value="lakescr.txt">
<param name=texttype value="horizontal">
<param name=textvspace value="0">
<param name=textminfont value="84">
<param name=textmaxfont value="12">
<param name=textoffset value="350">
<param name=textspeed value="2">
<param name=textfont value="Helvetica">
<param name=textbold value="NO">
<param name=textitalic value="NO">
<param name=textsize value="14">
<param name=textshadow value="YES">
<param name=TextSColR value="255">
<param name=TextSColG value="255">
<param name=TextSColB value="255">
<param name=TextColR value="0">
<param name=TextColG value="0">
<param name=TextColB value="0">
<param name=TextJumpAmp value="0">
<param name=TextJumpSpd value="0">
<param name=TextSineAmp value="0">
<param name=TextSineSpd value="0">
<param name=TextSineAngle value="0">
<param name=regcode value="NO">
<param name=reglink value="NO">
<param name=regnewframe value="NO">
<param name=regframename value="_blank">
<param name=statusmsg value="AnLake applet">
<param name=memdelay value="1000">
<param name=priority value="6">
<param name=MinSYNC value="2">
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.
As you can see, there are lots of parameters, but the Configurator does all the hard work for you and you can change values and preview it at any time to see if the effect is what you want.

See e different version using the David Griffiths applet- read about the lake in Arizona?
See a different version using the Dorian Gray II applet and the David Griffiths Hue Rotate applet

 There, simple wasn't it? Have fun, but if you run into problems, feel free to email us for help :)
For a VERY small fee, we'll even do it for you!

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Using the Anfy Anlake Java Applet