Alice Gomez
Alice Gomez draws upon her multicultural heritage (Mexican Indian and Latino) to create her unique recordings, on which she plays guitar, synthesizer, percussion, and vocal chants. Gomez is composer-in-residence with the San Antonio Symphony, for whom she has composed a number of orchestral and chamber works rooted in the Southwest's Latino/Indian heritage. Gomez's three albums are on the Talking Taco Music label in San Antonio, Texas.

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Alice Gomez - Flute Dreams
Flute Dreams
  1. Mystic Temple
  2. Ancient City
  3. Civilizations Lost
  4. Pyramid Of The Sun
  5. Where Eagles Pass
  6. Earth Prayer
  7. Clouds Dancing
  8. Aztlan
  9. Teotihuacan
  10. Sierra Madre L
Alice Gomez - Journey of the Flute
Journey of the Flute
  1. Forgotten Empires
  2. Sacred Flutes
  3. Chichen Itza
  4. Mayan Lullaby
  5. Volcanos
  6. Children Of The Sun
  7. Morning Star
  8. Lost Tribes
  9. Danzantes
  10. Journey To Yucatan
  11. Xochipilli
  12. Native Lands

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