BORN: December 9, 1957, Ogden, UT
Donny Osmond has had many musical lives. As a very young child, he and his brothers started out as kid singers on The Andy Williams Show.

In the late '60s and early '70s, fueled by the success of The Jackson Five, the Osmonds became close teenybopper competitors, with their own slew of hits. Donny was the centerpiece, and he competed with Michael Jackson for the hearts (and dollars) of pre-teens everywhere. Later, he forged a very successful solo career, and still later teamed with sister Marie for a hit TV show. Nonetheless, it took him until 1987 to record his first adult solo record, and tunes like "Soldier of Love" and "I'm in It for Love" with their George Michael-ish feel brought the former teen idol to the public eye once again.

Work on the theatrical stage followed, and although Osmond's recording career again slowed after 1991's Eyes Don't Lie he remained active throughout the decade, most notably enjoying a five-year run as the lead in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.

He next made a splash in 1998 with a new daytime talk show co-hosted by sister Marie; that same year, he also released a solo holiday album, Christmas at Home.

Marie Osmond BORN: October 13, 1959, Ogden, UT found popularity as a country singer during the 1970s when she was barely 14, when her cover of "Paper Roses" became a number one country hit and reached the Top Five on the pop charts. She was raised in a deeply religious Mormon family in Provo, Utah, with eight brothers.

In the early '60s, four of the elder Osmond boys appeared regularly on The Andy Williams Show, where Marie made her debut when she was only three.

When she was 13, Osmond Brothers producer Mike Curb, who had helped popularize Donny and his younger brother Jimmy, wondered if he could get their only sister into the act. Marie was more interested in country than mainstream pop, so Curb teamed her up with veteran songwriter-turned-producer Sonny James, who helped her record "Paper Roses." This led her to begin touring with her brothers, most frequently Donny, on the nightclub circuit. She also appeared regularly on the charts with songs such as "In My Little Corner of the World" and "Who's Sorry Now."

In 1975, Donny and Marie began hosting their own variety show; produced at the state-of-the-art Osmond Studios in Provo, it ran for four years.

She and Donny made their feature film debut in 1978 with Goin' Coconuts, and the following year, she appeared by herself in The Gift of Love.

In 1981, she signed to Curb's new label, but had only one modest hit, "Back to Believing Again." Three years later, she found success again on a duet with Dan Seals, "Meet Me in Montana," which hit number one, as did her solo follow-up "There's No Stopping Your Heart."

Between 1986 and 1989, Marie Osmond had a string of successful hits both as a solo artist and a duet partner, including the Top Five hit "Read My Lips." In 1990, billed only as Marie, she had her final chart hit, "Like a Hurricane."

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  1. Soldier Of Love
  2. Sacred Emotion
  3. My Love Is A Fire
  4. Hold On
  5. I'll Be Good To You
  6. Eye Don't Lie
  7. Love Will Survive
  8. If It's Love That You Want
  9. Sure Lookin'
  10. Inner Rhythm

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