Music Index

Over the years we produced many pages containing midi files or mp3 clips. Usually we linked these pages to a page about the recording artist and have always tried to provide a little bit of information about them and the source of their music. After a while we found our artist pages were being picked up by search engines and were getting more hits than the pages they were linked from.

Increasingly we find these pages, and those to books and videos we like, have become ever more popular until at last they deserve their own section. So here it is. The alphabetical index to our music and video pages...
Action drama Air Supply
Alice Gomez Alison Krauss
American Tail Anne Murray
Bahamen Beatles
BeeGees Berlin
Bette Midler Blue
Books on England Britney Spears
Bryan Adams Busted
Carpenters Celene Dion
Cher Chicargo
Childrens 1 2 3 4 Cocoon
Eagles ELO
Elton John England
Enya Erin Rocha
Film Themes Gareth Gates
Gary Wright George Harrison
Gordon Lightfoot Harry Chaplin
Helen Reddy Indiana Jones
John Lennon John Denver
Johnny Mathis Journey
Kansas Kenny G
Kylie Minogue Land before Time
Linda Ronstadt Mannheim Steamroller
Maria Carey Paul McCartney
Michael Jackson New Age Christmas Music
Northumbrian The Osmands
Otis Redding Peter Andre
Queen Richard Marx
Ringo Starr Riverdance
Robbie Williams Ronnie Milsap
Sarah Brightman Savage Garden
Simon & Garfunkle Space Odyssey
Spice Girls Star Trek 1 2 3
Star Wars Sting
Susan Aglukark The Byrds
Thomas (Toys) Thomas Kinkade
Thomas the Tank Engine Top Gun
Travis Tritt Vanessa Williams
Various Artists Various Science fiction
Vince Gill X-Files
We are putting together a new music site to replace this one. It's far from finished yet but check it out at

Music Index

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